3.5.2 for iPhone

Send free text messages


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Yuilop is a tool which will allow us to send free traditional text messages from our iPhone to any other user independently of them having this application installed or Internet access.

We will need Internet access through 3G or WiFi to send these messages, because Yuilop works in the following way: the user 'supports' ads for this application and for that, Yuilop covers the costs of the message, which will be sent immediately to any telephone you want.

As well as the possibility to send text messages, Yuilop allows users to be connected in a similar way to Whatsapp, being able to share multimedia files or establishing real time conversations. You can also use Facebook´s chat to talk directly through this application.

Yuilop is a great application, because allowing some ads, which doesn´t hurt anybody, it will allow us to send text messages without spending a cent. Only if we have internet connection, of course.